Saltwater Fishing Reports

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Checkout Fishing Reports about the latest reel screaming, line stripping, back breaking bent over the gunnels yellowfin tuna action. Read the stories of adventurous anglers making long runs to a bluewater fishing paradises where they do battle with the majestic blue marlin – the fish gladiator of the deep. Detailed, accurate and reliable Fishing Reports professionally written by saltwater fishing guides, charter boat Captains, and First Mates. Enjoy Fishing Reports about area hotspots like the Chesapeake Bay, Texas Gulf Coast, Florida Keys, North Carolina Outer Banks – Oregon Inlet, Virginia Beach – Virginia, Louisiana, and all of North Americas legendary salt water fishing hot-spots.

Fishing Reports by Recreational Anglers

Fishing reports by our most valued fish reporters, our private recreational anglers who don’t fish professionally or for monetary gain, but for the sport and love of it all. Anglers who are driven to fish as part of a love affair with nature and a desire to go one on one with a fish in his element. Fishing reports about everything from surf fishing, pier fishing, to fly fishing. Fishing reports from this breed of angler tend to be very trustworthy as these guys are true sportsmen and they get satisfaction from being able to help their brethren sportsmen be better more informed anglers.