My Giant Double Digit Bass…

giant bass

No, this is not my giant bass unfortunately.  This is a Monster 16-LB Bass Caught in California, but mine was close to this size.

My double digit bass fishing story – March 2017

I was out fishing with my Dad at a local public pond in Denton Texas.  We had been fishing for a few hours and had caught a number of bass between 1-3 LBS but nothing bigger.

I was throwing my go to lure the Yamamoto Watermelon Red Senko rigged wacky style with the Gamakatsu Finesse Weedless hooks.

I cast out the Senko and let it sit about 20 seconds and then gave it a slight twitch.  I felt a tap…tap on my lure and the line pulled tight so I set the hook.

When I set the hook it didn’t move one bit so I thought maybe the bass had let go and I had hooked into a stump or something.  I yanked my rod a few times but no movement and it still felt snagged.

Then all of sudden my line started moving to the side and I could feel it pulling REALLY hard and start fighting.  The fish came to the top and made a really big splash but didn’t clear the water and I yelled “Dad…get the net” knowing this was a big fish.

I’m thinking in my head I finally have my DD (double digit bass).

I continued to fight it while reeling it toward my little 2-man BassHunter boat. The water was very murky with only about 6 inches of visibility so I couldn’t see the fish at all until I got it right to the boat.

I finally got it to the boat and my Dad gets the net in the water and I pull the fish into the net and he lifts it out of the water and…

My utter excitement turned to utter discouragement in the blink of an eye as my double digit – over 10 lb bass – turned out to be an about 15 lb drum!!!

I never did weigh the drum but he was 29 inches long and 11 inches tall.  The pictures I took of him didn’t do it justice and in hind sight I should have lipped him and got a really good picture of “my giant double digit bass :)”.

All I could do is laugh at that point and thank the fish for a good fight and say maybe next time.

Here’s to someday catching that Double Digit Bass!!!

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