Texas Bass Fishing Guides Put Clients on the BIG fish

If you know anything about bass fishing, you know Texas has many great lakes for catching some giant large mouth bass. A favorite lake for Texas fisherman, as well as bass fisherman from across the country, is the well known Lake Fork Reservoir.  And for good reason, Lake Fork boasts 7 of the top 10 biggest bass caught in Texas as well as the Texas state record bass of 18.18lb.

Below is a chart of the current top 10 biggest bass in Texas.

Rank Water Body Weight (lb.) Length (in.) Date Angler State Record Water Record
1 Lake Fork 18.18 25.5 1/24/1992 Barry StClair X X
2 Lake Fork 17.67 27.5 11/26/1986 Mark Stevenson
3 Lake Fork 17.64 28 4/1/1989 Stan Moss
4 Lake Fork 17.63 26.25 8/29/1990 Jerry L. New
5 Lake Fork 17.29 2/14/1988 Larry Barnes
6 Lake Fork 17.08 25.5 2/26/1991 Troy Coates
7 Pinkston 16.9 27.66 2/16/1986 Earl Crawford X
8 Lake Fork 16.89 25.5 2/8/1993 Bryan Turner
9 Sam Rayburn 16.8 28.75 5/31/1997 Tommy Shelton X
10 Mill Creek Lake 16.77 3/1/1990 Herchel Brickey X

If you want to catch the bass of a lifetime you can give Lake Fork a try for yourself.  Lake Fork covers an impressive 27,264 acres in northeast Texas. That is a lot of water to cover if you are new to the Lake and don’t know the best places to fish.

If you want to better your chances of catching a giant bass, you should hire one of the professional bass fishing guides at Lake Fork. The Lake Fork bass fishing guides know the best spots to catch big bass on Lake Fork.

Lake Fork Bass Fishing Guide – Jason Smith

We have been lucky enough to experience the amazing bass fishing at Lake Fork with professional bass fishing guide Jason Smith aka BassSmith.  Jason, has been fishing Lake Fork since 2001 and has won many fishing tournaments at Lake Fork and he know how to put clients on BIG bass.

From Jason: For me, fishing Lake Fork is all about the challenge of being on the water, one on one with the fish, catching them in their habitat and knowing that next cast could be a double-digit fish. It is hard to say that about many other lakes in the country. I love being able to take my customers out and put them on the fish of a lifetime and also to put them on good numbers of fish. I will work hard to make this happen, so your experience on Lake Fork will be a memorable one. When you leave my boat, I want you to feel confident in the techniques that we used to catch fish. So if you want to go out to catch numbers for a pre-tournament trip or target a trophy fish of a lifetime, give me a call.

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